Pardew 'doesn't know Dutch football and ADO Den Haag has become worse under him'

Aad de Mos doesn't have a good word left for ADO The Hague coach Alan Pardew after the chanceless 0-3 defeat against PSV. The analyst indicates that ADO's game has only worsened so far and tactically the English manager is also dropping stitches.

De Mos makes the comparison with the previous ADO coach, Fons Groenendijk, at the table of Rondo of Ziggo Sport. "It has become worse than under Groenendijk. We have the idea, the people who are close by, that he doesn't know Dutch football", says De Mos about Pardew. "Tactically he also puts a lot of things wrong, with the player material that is there.

In addition, De Mos does not agree with the purchasing policy of ADO, which, following Pardew, brought a load of English players to the Netherlands. "The players who have been brought are second or third choice English players. They have absolutely no feeling at all with the football we play in the Netherlands, so I also think he has lost the dressing room. You get two camps: the English and the Dutch. If you leave the icons outside the team and do it tactically wrong for 90 minutes...", concludes a critical De Mos.

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