“Parental Entitlement,” has put both my living situation (and possible safety) at risk.

Relative, boyfriend, coworker all work in the same joint.

I live with relative, he regularly has extreme outbursts and also forces me into the position of being the primary caregiver of his toddler.

Coworker gets in my boyfriends face about us hopefully moving in with one another because “who will take care of the child.”

Boyfriend gets defensive and says it’s not my child, not my problem. They’ve had tension since.

Two weeks ago, coworker tells my boyfriend not to come to work because he needs the money more. Boyfriend apologizes, says no because he needs to get paid too, but he’ll let coworker take the first shift. Coworker agrees, then begins messaging again, angrier, telling him not to show up because he has mouths to feed and we don’t. Boyfriend is mad because that’s not his problem and asks his boss if he’d need two sets of hands, boss said yes, so he goes to work anyway.

Two weeks go by and coworker calls out sick with zero time to be substituted every shift since - leaving my boyfriend entirely alone without breaks. Tension ensues.

At their second job, adjacent - one of which my boyfriend partially owns, my boyfriend announces that he’s leaving to better opportunities.

5am comes, coworker begins spamming my boyfriend about how he hopes “(bf) knows you stole food from my childrens table.” Boyfriend said he didn’t do shit, just his job. Coworker claims boyfriend “stole money out from under him,” and boyfriend reminds his coworker that he’s the reason coworker even has those two jobs.

Coworker then threatened to tell Outburst and Extreme Anger Issues relative that we’ve been seeing each other behind relatives back. Relative is seemingly mentally unwell and it’s a question of safety, and no doubt being kicked out.

All over us saying other peoples kids aren’t our problem.

Sorry, this whole post was made in an 8am, sleepless, irritated frenzy, lmao.

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