Parenting in 2050

Oh? Is there a cure for gender dysphoria? Please, do share.

Of course there is. But it hasn't been developed yet. Just like tons of other problems.

While you're sharing the cure with me, please share how all trans people are "mentally deficient" and what exactly they are measurably and objectively deficient in.

You do agree that desiring to be the sex opposite of the one your chromosomes normally dictate is an illness, don't you?

Why don't adopted kids just say they're adopted to everyone rather than "force all of society to humor their delusions and pretend there is nothing wrong?"

It would be like if doctors decide that the best way to treat pedophiles is to give them android child slaves for them to have sex with whenever they want to sate their desires and to force society to pretend that that's totally normal and there is absolutely nothing wrong with their brains.

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