Parents of daughters who did hardcore porn, how did you find out and how do you feel about it?

i have a kid on the way and cannot answer.

I wouldn't be outraged over some sense of morality.

I'd just be worried b/c that industry tends to be exploitative and tends to go hand in hand with drug abuse. I'd fear for her safety and sense of self worth more than be outraged at what people would think, or making some judgement call about whether it was right or wrong.

If i was an attractive woman - i can't say i wouldn't take that route. Honestly? We delude ourselves our office jobs hold a certain dignity. We become fat and sednatary, deal with endless politics and heirarchal pressure, clamoring, networking, fighting, to hold on to increasingly disposable desk jobs. I'm 35 years old - my first job halved the department within a year. I was last in, and first out. My 2nd job - closed it's doors within a year. My third - long story, but they found a technology-politics website i ran (they went through some effort to find out i ran it too) and bullied me until i quit. My fourth - i survived 3 mergers and got laid off on the 4th. My fifth shut down it's US operations. I'm on my 6th post-college job and i'm fucking 35. I've put in 50-60 hour weeks depending on the job, i've gained weight, dealt with emotionally abusive bosses and coworkers. I've been tossed aside like my efforts were for nothing more times than i can count.

And if i could do a video 1-2 times a month, be a cam girl, strip from time to time or something - i could easily make the 90k a year i make now with a lot less fuss. And i'd have more time to stay in shape, be healthy, connect with other human beings who weren't perfectly political correct, sanitized, "decent" little drones.

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