Do parents have some responsibility when their teen gets pregnant/gets somebody pregnant?

Controversially, yes. Not always but mostly.

I think teen pregnancy comes down to way more than just 1 discussion about condoms and BC. It's about giving your kids stability, being their safe space to fall when the world is tough, filling your kid with confidence and information in all ways from a young age so they know from toddlerhood that they can say no to someone hugging them etc. It's about building a bond with your kids so that they trust you and offering them a safe space to talk about all kinds of stuff. I remember aged about 7, the shame that came from telling my parents that a boy at school had a crush on me and them freaking out about it.

I say this because a lot of the cast of teen mom come from chaotic homes and many of them ended up repeating the cycle, or they sought validation, safety, comfort etc. in boys and relationships. It's no secret that girls from chaotic and unstable homes are more likely to be groomed etc.

I'm not saying that kids who grew up in good homes don't face teen pregnancy cause that isn't true but I think the way we go about sex with teens doesn't help them either. I think the best, most loving parents can do their kids a disservice by not being open and honest and making the subject taboo.

So yeah those are my thoughts. I could go into more detail but I won't cause it is reddit lmao

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