Part 1: We The People

Lavana wakes up finally after the long battle against Engelbert of the wreck pirates and wonders where everyone has gone before continuing on her adventure on Yurei island, Lavana happens to stumble on a small group of Marines fighting and capturing pirates she couldn't stand the sight of someone getting their freedom taking just for being pirates sailing the sea so she jumps into action immediately.

Lavana: Dashes at the group of marines and jumps in the air before her Mochi extended leg swings down like a whip hitting the group of marines and then she lands

Unties the rope holding the pirates together and they quickly get up and run while the Marines are dazed

Lavana: Now all thats left is to finish this

As she says while waiting for them to recover as she doesn't take down opponents who have no idea they just entered a battle

The marines finally recover there senses after a couple minutes before calling for reinforcements and Lavana is surrounded by 18 different marines and says

Lavana: Hmmm it seems im gonna have to flex for a bit

she then turns her right hand into a bat made from mochi

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