As part of the Jugendmedienschutzstaatsvertrag, Bavaria drafts law to ban in-App microtransactions and in-App advertisements for minors. (German)

And for sure, lootboxes don’t belong in kids games. Something like fortnite where “pay $10 for this skin” should be allowed in kids games with parents making sure that credit cards and such are locked behind a password only the parent knows, and if they aren’t tech savvy to apply for a refund with Apple or Google (idk if they have the same policy) to get money back if their kid didn’t know any better. I agree with you that MTX are pretty frustrating, and I miss the days when games weren’t bullshit. Thankfully we still have some good eggs in the bunch (Thanks Smash and God of War). I just feel like “that’s how it is.” I don’t feel like the government needs to intervene and tell Microsoft they can’t do that, that’s their right to make their game however they want. Not that I like it, this whole microtransaction culture in video games is BS.

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