Partey was in a lot of pain - I tried to push him back on! | Sp*rs 2-0 Arsenal | Mikel Arteta

Slightly different view to everyone but as much as some think Partey is in the wrong and some hate arteta, if bellerin could put a decent cross in Aubameyang gets a shot and we get a goal or likely corner. In any event we get time to set up a bit. Partey made a misjudgment based on us being in an extremely dominant position. He’s at the touch line before bellerin even makes the “cross”

As much as arteta has done my head in with his decisions these are the fine margins he’s always banging on about. A decent cross and even if we dnt score, we don’t concede and the sub doesn’t go to shit wanting Partey’s head lol. I wonder how much would be made of his decision if they didn’t score. Would people then focus on the fact he’s reinjured after we were told he wouldn’t be ready for this game?

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