Partner [28F] expects me [29M] to drive her around, yet refuses to get behind the wheel; I particularly hate driving.

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You're entirely correct, but there is also no other choice. She doesn't earn enough to go around on ubers all the time, and there are no public transports. If I don't drive, we don't see each other and we virtually have a LDR. She does expect me to do it, but I also understand that there is, at the moment, physically no alternative. But again, you are right.

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Well... I tried, but ... it kinda bounces-off, hence the example I used of "disliking breathing". It's kinda like talking to a flat-earther, no amount of rational explanation seems to make sense to her. I literally said the same thing you did "being asked to do smth you hate sucks", and she agreed, said yes, and ... then proceeded to be unable to get how that applies to driving.

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Yes, I agree, but... the issue is a bit deeper. If I refuse to drive, in effect we have a LDR. I understand how she can be upset that I refuse the only possibility of us meeting in any capacity. I've said no before, but ... well, for her it's very emotional, because in effect (although am not saying this literally) I'm refusing to be with her. I could be living 1000km it would be exactly the same in practice. If I say ok, but only <100km, I will never meet her friends, and we will never have go anywhere on dates. It's... a difficult issue.

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