Passcodes are protected by Fifth Amendment, says court

I'm not saying they are not very secure day to day just pointing out if for example e.g. I was a terrorist and special branch sent my phone over to GCHQ, it wouldn't really matter what type or level of encryption I had. I get every man and his dog is a programmer these days, just because you might not be able to achieve it with the tech at your disposal it doesn't mean it's not achievable certainly at a place like GCHQ. The great galaxy is that the private sector is at the cutting edge, it's simply not true. As you say it may take a couple of days maybe even a week to run it through, but it will be accessed. Most people are not running top level encryption on their phones. As I point out what's on your phone won't be needed to convict you in most circumstances, so this is a mute point. It's why it always makes me laugh when tech companies bang the drum about not helping enforcement agencies access things, like in extreme cases they need it!.

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