The past 5 or so times one of my partners (16M) and I (18F) have triped together, he has later expressed to me that he "knew" I was lying about understanding some thing(s) he had said that were really important to him.

Humans as a whole are lying about things all the time. They understand reality but pretend to be ignorant or shallow or close-minded. Just so they can trash everything.

The thing is... they pretend it's about "shallow desires" (oh we just trashed everything because I wanted to fit in, with a group of idiots!). But if you reward them with MORE stuff than whatever they were getting through playing dumb... in order to make them "become good"... they'll just refuse.

Everytime. 100% of the time.

Because they FEEL it. In their bones, in a very direct and primal way. They know what is right and wrong.

You can't "trick" humans into being good by rewarding them more for working along with the ultimate truths of reality. And you can't convince them, because they just argue about everything...

Arguing to get those kind of truths to someone... only leaves you drained and unable to use them... yourself!

So... I can't say if YOU specifically are doing this.

But I CAN say that humans as a whole are doing this all the time. lol. But then that kind of almost certainly includes him too?


You won't need to get the truth from him anyhow... in the end these kind of "deep truths" aren't meant to be argued over. They have their own power.

The issues will express themselves in some other way... some down-to-earth events/actions where no understanding of deeper truths is needed to figure out "who is right or wrong". Then you can talk about those things.

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