A pastor's exit from faith (Dave Gass on Twitter)

So here's the dirty little secret that he left out. I know multiple people including the pastoral staff there at his former church.

He groomed another married woman and ended up having an affair with her. Not only did he ruin his marriage and his kids lives but that other lady's marriage and family too. She left her husband and kids ruining their lives.

He racked up mountains of debt with credit cards that he had taken out without his wife's knowledge and left her and his two teenage daughters with no means of support, not even including the debt. When he left his wife and two kids he went dark, and couldn't be reached.

I doubt many people regardless of faith or no faith would approve of him leaving the way he did. Funny how he left that part out of his twitter posts. He claims that the church just hurt him repeatedly, rather he ruined multiple families and is now trying to become the victim. It's just so sad.

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