Patch 12.9 Bug Megathread

- **Server:** NA
- **Type of Bug:** In-game bug
- **Description:** Everyone in the game suddenly started disconnecting and reconnecting, and it stayed that way until the game ended. This made the game unplayable. I would spam my abilities and they would either go off around 30 seconds later or not at all. People who weren't fully disconnected could only auto-attack if in range of an enemy. Some were less affected than others, for example, the ashe in my video who could seemingly still cast abilities. I, the sejuani could still walk at times when I wasn't disconnected. We ended the game this way, as everyone else was frozen/disconnected.
- **Video / Screenshot:**
- **Steps to reproduce:** Load into a game, and play.
- **Expected result:** A normal game, with no one disconnecting/lagging because of the client.
- **Observed result:** Unplayable game, almost the entire lobby disconnected.
- **Reproduction rate:** 2/3 games. The second game was less extreme, but everyone still had lag issues.
- **System specs:** Ryzen 5600x, 16gb ram, 3060ti, Windows 10, b550 tuf motherboard.

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