Patch 9.10 Bug Megathread

- **Server:** EUW and EUNE - **Type of Bug:** Client and chrome - **Description:** If i have chrome open when a league game ends, it takes a long time to get to post-game lobby. Also chrome won't load any pages (doesn't become unresponsive, just plain endless loop of reload icon) - **Video / Screenshot:** - - **Steps to reproduce:** Open chrome. Doesn't even matter if you have any websites open. End league game. Chrome won't load pages. League client takes very long time to get to the post-game lobby. Client finally does its' thing, chrome loads page at the same time. - **Expected result:** Chrome would work normally after ending game and post-game lobby would be faster. - **Observed result:** Chrome doesn't load pages and client takes a very long time to join into post-game lobby. - **Reproduction rate:** 100% - **System specs:** i5-6600k, rtx2060, 16gb ddr4 3200mhz, 250gb ssd

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