Path of Exile 2 Information (Spoilers & Sketchy info!)

What will be included in battlepass \ exilepass and how the system of achievements will work:

Now there will be 150 levels (achievements) instead of 40. (50 levels for each month of the league. You just can’t complete more than 50 in the first month, because the tests related to the content of 2 months of the league will not be available yet) Thus, if you bought a battlepass you will have to play in updates of the league anyway (see point 1 "Additions to the league within 3 months")

For those who did not buy battlepass, there will be standard 40 achievements with 3 (4) free MTX. This is the same type of reward as now.

Planned content of battlepass \ exilepass (may change): Hideout mtx, 3-4 full armor sets with a choice of colors per 1 league phase (per 50 lvls. Maybe 9!!! Full armor sets from 150 lvl of battlepass), weapon effects, pets, footsteps, ATLER ENIQUE ITEMS MTX, player avatar icons, e.t.c.

Returning rewards of alternative MTX unique items that are now in battlepass (players asked to return them as in old races, they only found a place in battlepass, developers do not want to break the main league with a race)

In addition to the in-game currency (points for which you buy MTX), there will be crafting materials and drawings with which you can craft certain / limited or random MTX

The ability to buy a battlepass with a doubling of experience and half levels available, which in turn will reduce the time of battlepass leveling.

The developers have not yet decided by what principle the battlepass achievements will be executed. The current system at a long distance is very boring, so most likely there will be new quests / tasks for certain actions every day (for example, dig 10 unknown points in a delve mine, kill 5 harbringers, finish 5 maps t11 e.t.c)

3) Rewards for continued activity in the game

There will be something like the ranks of the players (bronze, silver, gold, e.t.c). Most likely they will be given to players for their position in the ladder.

Daily mini-competitions with notification of winners in the general leagues chat and special rewards. Very similar to lab-ranners, but there will be many more.

Bonuses for daily entry into the game (for example, free XP boost for BattlePass, XP for player acc, lootbox, some craft resourses, e.t.c)

Pre-announced global events will appear in the league, which will take place from a certain time for several hours.

------------Player account global level (player card)

The developers want to attach more of the player to the progress, not only to his characters, but also to the overall progress of the account level, which will not be reset from league to league.

For the levels of the global account, players will be given lootbox, crafting materials (can craft certain / limited or random MTX), and other things that my source was not yet ready to talk about. There will be quite a lot of levels of a global account, maybe about 1000 levels.

Unlike battlepass, the global account level is leveling during player just play PoE 2 (killing mobs, crafting, trades, e.t.c)

When you open a player’s profile in a game or website, you will see a player’s card. The player’s card contains a lot of statistical and cosmetic information.

Cosmetic information, for example: an emblem, banner, profile background is obtained either when leveling a global account, killing mobs \ bosses, exploring new locations, creating through crafting materials, access via battlepass.

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