Path of Exile: Heist Patch Notes

By this logic if we tripled the effect of the nerf, Ball Lightning would be nerfed by 105% which is impossible because it would still have a radius of 10 and about 40% of the old damage.

Even if you factor in reduced AoE, it’s not a 35% nerf and the fact that I’m being chain downvoted is sort of proof this subreddit is populated by people who aren’t very smart.

The nerf I cited would be approx an 80% nerf, if we extrapolate backwards and factor in nerfed AoE, it’s about a 27% nerf which is still closer to the number I cited than this made up nonsense of 35%.

I’m sorry but I can’t in good faith let people pull numbers out of their ass and not call them out for spreading BS.

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