Pathetic weakness

I thought about the people who profit from it, you know, the owners of these websites or CEOs or whatever you wanna call them. I have come to the simple conclusion that these people are evil (surprise). Perhaps not totally evil in person, but they obviously have a moral system to which nobody should look up to. I have no problem with individuals making profit from all kinds of things, but this is just wrong. First and foremost, they are deliberately manipulating young men into thinking all kinds of things. They are deliberately weakening them. And saying that these men have a choice is, at its core, utter nonsense, because they are playing with the most powerful tool to control somebody: Sexual desire. Desire is the strongest enemy of rationality in that case. Rationality has the ability to overcome many possibly bad decisions in life, but oh boy, not this one. These people aren't only evil, they aren't only enemies of young men addicted to their "products", they are, in my honest opinion, enemies of humanity. Think about it: What do you call a person whose intent is to make profit, while, at the same time, weakening a LOT of people, i'd call them exactly that: enemies of humanity. I don't give shit about their personality, the good things they may have done. They shouldn't exist.

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