@PatTheBerner: If Dems wanted you to have $1200 a month, you'd have had it every month since March. Dems could've used their platform to lobby for Covid relief publicly on TV every single day, but they didn't. They haven't even lobbied for a national mask program. Both parties are trash.

no legislative change to take on the monied elite and who is offering scraps in terms of policy, largely only to the boomers too.

This is just false bullshit. Read his tax plan. Read his plan to help with student loans. Read his healthcare promises.

All of this will help the poor and middle classes.

Green party is shit. Libertarian is just as bad. There is a reason they are not parties that hold power in ANY town, county, state, or country.

Feel good about voting for someone that has no chance of winning and no chance of making anything better for you and your friends. Be my guest.

But everything you claim is false. Your vote means less than nothing.

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