We have to pay to live on earth. Let that sink in. We pay to sleep. We pay to travel. We pay to be alive.

We trade our time for money only to surround ourselves with material possessions. Possessions that will pile into the landfills once we die or become bored of them, whichever comes first.

I totally understand other comments though, I try to see everyone's perspective for effective communication and learning opportunities. Just want you to know I understand where you're coming from. I feel it every day that I get ready for work, completely dissatisfied but cant leave because I have to pay to live on a planet I was born on. I feel it when I need a doctor but make too little to afford health insurance and too much for state benefits so I hope whatever is wrong blows over. I feel it living paycheck to paycheck and life happens so every ounce of savings is gone in an instant. At least I think I get it.

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