[PBE] The new update to PBE made the jungle much better.

I dont understand why everyone is so happy about it. The new item will make tanky junglers a bit better but it wont change anything to make them "viable"(im using """ because they all can be played atm and they all can win you the game. You just have to play more carefull early. I still play champs like amumu,Skarner,Seju,Shyv,Rammus,Mao etc in ranked solo around Plat and ranked 5v5 and i still win)

The problem wasnt that they couldnt clear the jungle! EVERY champ could clear 3 camps with 2x smite, call back, get you smite upgrade and wait 10 secs for a pot to go to your second buff, clear it with smite again and be almost full life. The problem was that you were fkd the moment someone like Lee came to your camp with full life and killed you and the changes wont change that.

They made camps a bit weaker. great! but now someone like Lee, who could sustain almost all the dmg he took before, can now clear the jungle without loosing health at all! He will still have more health than you if he meets you at your camp and he will still kill you because he is still the stronger 1v1 guy and if he doesnt start with lower health there is almost no way you can win that without your team supporting you(and with your team you could kill him even before the changes). Also, because his first clear is now even stronger, he has still more early game pressure.

The "problem" tanky guys like amumu had since almost the beginning was that they couldnt fight guys like Lee in their own jungle and thats a good thing because that is what early game junglers like Lee should do. If they dont we are all the way back in s1 were support junglers were king because they could gank as good as early game champs and scaled better. Thats the problem! If support/tanky champs are as good as early game champs they are better because they scale. They have to be worse or early game champs lose their right to exist.

=> atm these changes arent enough to make tanky junglers as good as someone like Lee and i hope RIOT doesnt buff them even more because, while that could make tanky champs "viable"(=they are so buffed they can fight someone like Vi or Lee 1v1), it wont change the "limited champion pool" to choose from. You just exchanged Vi/Lee/Pant etc, with Amumu, Seju, Rammus etc.

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