Pc being built to perfection

  1. Remove the socket cover before installing processor.
  2. Lower the approach angle on inserting the processor, an amateur trying to do what they did is gonna cram the wafer into a pin and paperweight the board. Just hover 1-3mm flat, then tilt and let go.
  3. Stock thermal paste is frequently garbage, just spend the money on some Arctic Sivler at least, it's a few dollars to help your $1000+ processor.
  4. Cable extensions suck, especially those molded sata power extensions. If not made right they can bridge internally and catch fire. I've seen it first hand, toasted both drives of a 4tb RAID when the bottom adapter caught fire and a customer lost everything. 100% not worth it unless there isn't another option.
  5. Please make sure you get a quality PCIe extension for the video card, they are NOT all created equal and the cheaper ones also have a tendency to catch fire. 100% not worth it unless there isn't another option.
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