PC (ultra) to PS4 comparison shots

There's no way these are final versions, in either case. Two youtubers I know of seem to have the game and are posting the begging of playthroughs. The comparison shots here show the opening in-game cutscene, with Yennefer, BOTH have underwear on and no hair towel. Both GhostRobos footage from Xbox one and theRadBrad's footage from the PC version (at 60FPS), feature her with the hair towel, and completely nude otherwise. The PC footage has stronger colors and contrast, but that's undoubtedly down to capturing solutions, in-PC capture as opposed to an capturing card of some sort via HDMI. The skin toning in the bath is very similar, with the PC version having stronger colors overall, and if anything just a slightly warmer touch. It looks like you took the Xbox one footage, rendered it identically (color wise) at 60FPS, and give it a touch of vibrance boost in SweetFX. That could be the uploaders doing in editing, as honestly most games I've played are slightly washed out and benefit greatly from that anyway, but the difference is clearly not as it appears in these screenshots on neogaf, slight color correction in editing or not.

Hairworks is clearly not on in the PC footage, so and the hair is identical because of that. The skin, notably when he stands from the water showing his scars seems more wax-like on the Xbox footage, but again this could be a touch of vibrance giving priority to yellows. There was a greay polygon glitch for a split second that occurred identical on each, and when we turn around to see the door over his shoulder, they are also now identical, with just a touch more detail on the wood panels on the PC version.

In the scene with Yennefer in black langirie, the window lacks greenery outside of the far window, but I think that may be dynamic fog that wasn't coded to be identical every time the scene plays. After the pan over to clothed Geralt, you see the change in fog placement again, hiding different trees. After the jump cut forward, you see the hill and trees are basically identical, with the dynamic fog in different places.

The versions being played here are both different from the comparison shots on that thread, and one is absolutely guaranteed to be the PC version because of the framerate. Ghost might also be playing on PC, and for some reason chose not to record at 60 even though he has done for other titles. But either way, it's still very clearly a newer version the ones shown in the thread. They said the PC version isn't fully complete, but I'm sure a day one patch will be out for the console version as well. Long story short, the downgrades have been evident and have occurred over a long period of time, but there's no way this comparison could be accurate when arguing which platform has the better version. The footage from both youtubers is probably as recent as you could possibly get, and I'd bet a hell of a lot that the screenshots on Neogaf are from earlier builds, or at the very least builds from completely different regions.

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