PCC is still actively pushing their anti-science, anti-GMO agenda. This is a city where we thrive on our STEM-based economy.

look, at some point in time we were all told all Cholesterol is bad for you, right before that all fat was bad for you, not long after that if you drank too much milk you were at a higher risk for cancer, same with booze. all of that has been proven incorrect with new science. I am not afraid I will grow a third arm, I am afraid we will wipe out corn because on the 17 mutation 5 years from now things go horribly wrong.

fear of GMO is based on the history that science is often incorrect, and new science corrects the old science. The world was once flat, until all of the sudden it wasn't any more. THAT is why I am cautious. Science is NEVER 100% correct, that is why it is science. you want to GMO your dog and cat? fine, have at it. you want to mess with the earths food supply and you need to be a bit more cautious. I don't think GMO's are bad, I think we need to move quite a bit more slowly.

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