PCC's Employees to Vote on Strike on June 15th

It’s so idiotic to say people should just get different jobs. You’re devaluing grocery work because it’s not prestigious but it’s worthy of a livable wage. Nobody working 32-40 hours a week shouldn’t be able to sustain themselves regardless of where they live. It is skilled labor and it’s not just teens (who deserve livable wages too btw). People are allowed to make a career out of grocery work, you need to get off your pedestal and recognize you depend on people in those jobs every day. All work has dignity. It’s pathetic to see some work as not worthy of wages that afford an employee to live within a reasonable distance to their place of work. You really think the poors should have to commute from all over the puget sound to Seattle to serve the wealthy class who need us to do all the stuff they can afford to pay somebody else to do. Ridiculous.. I hate this mentality because it’s extremely classist. You might as well say they’re inferior and they deserve to be second class citizens. I’ve worked in grocery 8 years and put myself through community college and UW, all while growing my career in grocery. I should just leave and go be an electrician? Telling people to leave is essentially promoting forced removal and displacement. Skyrocketing real estate costs and hostile developers taking over and pricing people out of the city they grew up in means the people need to uproot and be separated from their community? Have you heard of redlining? You probably think that’s just fine too.

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