PCGamer notes that Mafia III is locked at 30 fps

Damn 2K. You pissed me off. I'm going to rant, this might as well become a copy-pasta, I don't care.

You done fucked up this time. Mafia 3 looked good, really good. I watched the trailers, some streams today, I loved it. I really felt I should spend my money on this game. I'm waiting for good game releases all this year, and then I see your game and I dig it.

But you decided that you're going to destroy your whole career with this game. Why 30 fps. I don't get it. You couldn't make it in time? Delay, I don't care, just don't be GTA V and release a game full of memory leaks with 2 year delays.

You decided that you want to drop below the standard of 60 fps nowadays, and fuck me if 60 fps isn't a standard for PC games in 2016. If you're going to release a below-standard game, then price it as such. Why should I pay $60 for a 30 fps game? This matters to me. I don't want to have my eyes bleed playing the game.

I really hope this turns out to be a mistake, a bug or something that tells me that this 30 fps joke isn't real. Get your shit together.

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