look at the "peaceful" and "tolerant" left. "you deserve to die because you want to visit your family during the holidays!"

Yeah and it isn't just one person on the Republican side either dude. There are a lot of intolerant bigots out there, and a staggering number of them voted for Trump. I've been seeing videos of this shit for the last few years, and especially in the last several months. It's not "Democrats" or "Republicans" that are fucked up, it's PEOPLE that are fucked up, some of them just happen to choose red or blue, so we fixate on that and nothing else just to suit our own political agendas.. To insinuate that your side of the equation is free and clear of guilt is downright naïve, my friend.

On the lighter side though, I'm a Democrat (usually) and I'm not intolerant. I think everyone deserves their fair share of the American Dream, we were all immigrants at one point, after all. How are you doing?

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