The "Peacocking Score" is a broken, horribly designed feature that needs to be re-thought.

I understand that some people could in theory, buy the best furniture. But the houses to be displayed for the public, should be, the best looking houses, by the score of the furniture.

But when I have spent hundreds of Star metal ingots, Orichalcum, Wyrd and Iron wood. just to have someone do a few faction board quests and top the charts with a house with a bed and 2 dogs in it. it is incredibly unbalanced. I am at the point with territory standing, that it takes 12k territory exp to level up once. that is more than double what it takes from 30-32. So not only, do I have to sit in cutlass, spend even MORE resources, filling out faction board missions I am to sit there every 2 days, getting my territory standing higher and higher to the point of it being in the hundreds, just to stay on top, when my house has over 200 items in it with over 150 of them using starmetal to craft.

There needs to be a better balance, make it the higher the territory standing, the more points, or make it only the furniture. But someone leveling from 30-32, topping the charts by over 20k points, while I struggle getting from 49-50 is a joke.

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