The Peasant logic is strong

Okay fine.. It's not free or extra.. Happy? But someone is paying, and someone is getting something. It's that simple. Move on with your life now.

All of this shouldn't matter to you for one simple reason. You're not paying for it so why do you care? You're argument is pointless. It doesn't affect anyone, it won't change anyones mind.

I'm not pretending I know anything, and your comment means literally nothing if it doesn't change the outcome of ANY SINGLE result in the entire existence of this planet ever.

Also overall the content you recieve in those services without a doubt whether you want to keep telling yourself or not once you do the math naturally exceeds the cost of the service you're paying for if you compare the prices of the content you recieve to the price of buying the content outright at that point in time. That is an undeniable fact. I've observered the service for years, I know how it works and I know what I would get from paying from the service.

It's free or extra in words only. Nothing more. I used them because it's generally easier to explain to people than saying the cost for each "deal" was taken in to account before the "deal" was ever presented.

It's not an inflation of cost in anyway shape or form, I'm not saying the service is worth more because they now add in a renting service for games I'm saying that without the games the service would still exist, nothing you or I say will ever change that.

Now the service exists with a bonus, they lend you game titles every year which again, for the last time (because I am right, factually, end of I'm done arguing after this because I really cannot be asked with your belief over mine) that is in comparison to the service that used to exist where the "lending games" part didn't exist. The price for the service hasn't increased whatsoever but we are getting more for now than before but we're still paying the exact same amount.. That's how the system works, people like it, you don't, that's fine but just GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

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