Pediatrician refuses to treat gay couple's newborn child because she had two mothers.

These "higher values" you speak of are commonly referred to as hate and intolerance.

According to you.

Don't you think it's funny and ironic you're trying to give a lesson on hate and intolerance as you preach...your hate and intolerance of those who disagree with you and have different morals?

Know what's great about all of this? These backwards assholes are committing just as great a sin as us homos. God is LOVE and wants his creation to LOVE each other. He also is not too keen on us judging each other, which is exactly what these assholes are doing.

They aren't backwards at all. They have *GASP different morals and opinions than you. No one is judging anyone. They just don't wish to do business with them.

Also, Jesus didn't advocate using force to get people to be tolerant. Jesus would oppose anti discrimination laws for a very simple reason, he knows he has no right to use force to impose his beliefs on others.

Jesus led by example. He helped the sick, poor and needy willingly, not through government force.

I despise religion yet somehow, without "devoting" my life to it, I have a better grasp of their own fucking book.

No, you really don't but that won't stop you from thinking you do.

They're pitiful, and this country needs to stop letting this hateful minority influence our laws.

They aren't hateful or pitiful. They simply have different beliefs and morals than you do. They aren't trying to use force to impose their beliefs on you, you're trying to do that to them.

Youre both intolerant. The difference is they want the CHOICE and you want to FORCE them to do what you THINK they should do.

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