People above the age of 30 what should a 20 yo know that they generally don't?

I had to cut ties with my best friend when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. We were late 20s and she was jealous of my pregnancy, she was mad that I didn’t go the traditional route and get married with a formal ceremony. I just showed up pregnant and she was not nice. She was always like that with many people. We were friends and I just ignored the attitude. I wasn’t just friends with her, I was really an extended part of her family and her parents and sisters were a daily part of my life.

However, when I got pregnant and the catty, mean comments started, I said no. I didn’t want to raise my child around that kind of negativity. It’s one thing for me t ignore her as she complained about so and so. It’s another thing for me to raise my kid around that attitude.

One day she made a rude comment about me not being married. That was IT. I sent her an epic email and told her that I needed to focus on raising my child and I had no space left for her jealousy and insecurity.

It hurt. It hurt really bad. I didn’t just lose a friend, I lost the connection with her family as well. I never wavered in my decision. However it was very sad. She never told her family why we stopped talking after so many years of being friends and together 24/7. Later I found out her parents were asking about me and her sisters didn’t know the story.

I had to focus on my child. I couldn’t handle someone else’s insecurity and drama anymore.

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