People act like they have been sentenced to listen to the show. Turn it the fuck off and listen to something you DO enjoy

Dude, think of it like a band who’s been around for 40 years. They’re most likely going to evolve their sound over time in some organic fashion. New people come into their lives, people leave their lives, they shift opinions and ideas about what’s right/wrong.

I wonder whether going to an uncensored medium (Sirius) did something to the show. I’ve been listening for a long time, and on terrestrial radio, part of the fun of the show was that they’d pushing the boundaries for what is allowed on air.

Now that there are basically no boundaries, there’s nothing to push against. We get to hear about how Ronnie sticks dildos in his ass and discussions about whether squirt is pee.

All in all, I like the show. I’m debating whether to drop my sub when he retires. I have it streaming through Sonos at home and i have it in my car, but I mostly only listen to 100 and sometimes the Sirius Chill.

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