Do people actually “accidentally” cheat when they’re drunk or do they just use that as justification?

I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one. I’m very shy and anxious around people but when I’m drunk I become super happy and touchy (I want to give literally anyone and everyone a hug) and more than a little flirty although less so now that I’m in a long term relationship. It got me into a super sticky situation with a former friend who I thought I could trust. I slept in the same bed as him and his girlfriend after a party- I was being really cuddly/touchy with both of them and he thought I was coming on to him (which in retrospect I can understand- the situation is even more complicated than I could explain) and tried to take things a lot further. I was too drunk/stunned/tired/confused to tell him to stop but I wish more than anything that I had. Needless to say we aren’t friends anymore. I told my boyfriend and he was more forgiving than I thought was warranted. I’m honestly thankful for that experience because it was a real wake up call for me- I’ve learned I can’t control my actions when I’m wasted so I know I need to be really conscious about how much I drink and who I drink with.

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