Do people actually like the taste of alcohol?

A go to for a first time is Seagrams 7 and Seagrams ginger ale. It's cheap and tastes good. Add a lime if you would like. Or lemoncello and squirt. Tastes like lemonade. As for the harder stuff, it's learned. No one starts with a single malt scotch. Some learn to love it. My now preferred drink is Teacher's scotch and Drambuie for a rusty nail. If you'd told me when I started, I wouldn't have believed you. For now, maybe stay away from bourbon or rye whiskeys as they are made to accentuate the burn of alcohol. Same with tequila unless you add plenty of citrus and salt or just some squirt. Light beers are a toss up as there's not much there for flavor. But everyone's favorite first beer seems to be blue moon with or without orange. Or Modelo Negra with or without lime and salt. Or you may never be a fan. Some people just aren't and that's perfectly fine.

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