Why do people always ask of us to have saint-like understanding to everyone else who never gives that same energy to us?

I think maybe for some, they’ve probably learned at a certain point that there are gray areas and not everything is so black/white, good/bad. There’s also the fact that most of us with trauma, remain looking at life and others through a filter of our past and can misinterpret situations or people’s actions incorrectly because of it. Not to say you should excuse shitty behavior; of course, protect yourself if it’s a pattern. But having that moment where you can take a step back and see the larger picture can help with lessening the weight of someone else’s impact and shift into a calmer state.

It’s okay to be angry; you’re not expected to be a saint, just don’t get consumed in the pain and let it control you and paint everything around with the same color, so to speak. I think we’re too attached to our pain sometimes, and we want everyone to know it. Without noticing that, while your feelings are valid, so are everyone else’s.

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