'People are just walking out in the middle of shifts': What it's like to work in a restaurant right now

I don't live in the US anymore but I used to wait tables and sometimes bar back or buss tables there. I actually quit my finance job after college to do it. It's the easiest, highest paying work lowest stress flexible schedule, lowest skilled, work out there.

Especially in states that require tipped positions to pay the minimum wage!! In cities like Seattle you make $15/ hour + tips, so like $30 an hour, to pick up plates hahah. Waiters and bartenders easily clear $40, $50 an hour.

Plus you can work part time and even pick your hours, and get people to sub when you just want a break. You can't do that shit in real jobs!

It's so easy you can even do it drunk hahaha. Plus you work with super hot chicks instead of fat old office zombie people.

Plus you don't take your work home with you. It's stress free.

That's why I quit my finance job.

What this article isn't' saying is that restaurant workers are often losers, slackers, drug addicts, alcoholics, people with terrible mental illness, etc. They act like picking up plates and having to take the INCREDIBLE STRESS OF AN ANGRY CUSTOMER OMG!! is this next level shit. They're just making up bullshit to scapegoat for their own shortcomings. It's bullshit lol. It's the easiest stress free highest paying work there is.

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