People aren't "sensitive" for reporting flamers

I mean, flamers are definitely bad, agree with op 99% except that as bad as framers are, intentionally feeding and afks (intentional or nonintentional) and all that shit is the biggest problem. If you take a step back, riot does so little to cater to these things. If you end up in a 4v5 because of an afk, you have to play that game out. Why? At that moment in time, the 4 man team should have their surrender lock unlocked and only need 2 votes to surrender. It's just stupid. A game should be 5v5 for the entirety of the match, and as soon as that requirement is broken, the game is invalid, it isn't of quality, it isn't a positive experience, it's not how the game should be played, yet people are forced all the time to play through these games. Yea, whatever excuse you have, keep it to yourself because there's no excuse for riot to have so few escape options for unfortunate events.

If the community is finally going to stop saying "oh that's just part of it, if you have a troll in champ select and can't dodge anymore, it's just too bad" and start saying what I've been saying for years, that riot needs to seriously restructure the queuing process and handle unfortunate events better, then let's target the real issues here. You shouldn't be punished for leaving champ select because of a troll. Or a flamer. I think there should even be a limited number of times you can free dodge because of off meta picks, because both sides of that argument have a point but it's only fair that someone should not have to play with a teemo jungle. Why is champ select so strict, so set in stone. If you queue up in rocket league but somebody fails to load in the game, it sends everyone back to queue. If you go into champ select and one of your teammates is clearly not someone anybody should have to play with, why not just allow the option to leave and requeue. Champ select should be treated like a randomly assembled lobby instead of the first half of the game, where if anything goes wrong, which it often can, you're fucked and are forced to deal with it.

This whole deal with it attitude has infected this community from the start. Nobody wants compromise. Nobody wants fairness. And now that riot is telling us to deal with it, all the hypocritical keyboard warriors who argue against these countermeasures because they can be "abused" are going to cry about flaming. There are more serious issues on the table that have been given the deal with it bullshit for years, before flaming was as bad as it is today, yet these issues still get no attention


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