Why do people brag about not reading?

I thought people were into reading ebooks these days, but I guess reading in general has slowed down.

I mean, I can't even get people to buy my book despite shoving plugs for it in all my videos.

The most I get is when I do a free book promotion. But if I do a paid promotion, no takers. At all.

It has led me to believe that maybe it isn't a good book, but it's hard to know that for sure since I've gotten very little feedback.

So, I don't know what the issue is. Maybe people have stopped reading. Maybe people have a hard time picking something they want to read. Maybe the quality of book-writing has gone down over the years to where people don't want to take a risk. Maybe people just don't have the money to spend on reading.

I like to write stories, but the real enjoyment for me comes from people talking about them, and that group has been far too silent.

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