Why people continue to love Steam as much as they do? (serious)

Thank you. Some sensibility around here. People make the rather misguided assumption that people use all the fancy things that Steam makes optional.

I think one or two games in my library were early access when I bought them. One has since gone into full online retail and is still updated quite nicely and the other has a regular raft of updates. The other stuff, I don't, have never and likely will never use. Valve will offer these things to you, it doesn't mean you need to spend money on them. If you give your money to someone, half the responsibility is on you to ensure you've spent it wisely.

Obviously the problem comes with people who love modding, but now can't or feel like they can't. It's a new level I suppose. The other things were 100% optional that people can and have ignored for as long as steam and valve have had them running. I gather that all mods won't be charged though, so it's not like this is a stone wall you must pay to mod deal. I imagine the number of people downloading paid mods vs. free ones will significantly swing in the free range anyway. Consistent quality modders probably should be rewarded but steam taking a 75% cut is ludicrous and any modder should sit there and think twice before agreeing to this.

The point does stand however that there are plenty of people who don't use any of valve's 'nefarious and money-grabbing' services and enjoy what is basically an online shop. It's what they signed up for and it's what they get. If valve want to charge for additional services I won't use then it doesn't affect me in the slightest. I can see how it would affect other people but that doesn't really alter my perception. I'm getting the service I want and ask for and plenty of others are too.

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