Why do people think Derrick Rose didn't deserve his MVP in 2011?

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When Chicago fans kept linking your post it was cool.

Nothing to do with it. JayNay chooses to completely ignore any of the real factors that earned Rose's legitimate MVP. He's a Derrick Rose hater, has been for years. He lives on this board to suck off Lebron.

He refuses to acknowledge Lebron playing with significantly better teammates than Rose did while winning fewer games. That's not Most Valuable material. Lebron didn't deserve the MVP so he didn't get it, years later Lebron stans are still salty about it.

When he points out the many problems with the argument

He does no such thing. He just says Lebron has a better career than Rose, Lebron is a better player than Rose.

and the basic analysis

He provides no analysis. He reads stats off a page and says those determine Lebron is better. A completely silly, embarrassingly elementary way to look at basketball. The game isn't played on paper, it's not played in a box score.

he's obsessed and it's funny.

It's funny he's obsessed because he name tags me every few months since I posted that comment years ago. It's sad. I already said my piece, I made my points. I avoid engaging him 99% of the time because of his refusal to actually discuss relevant topics, to reply with any relevant information.

Lame attempt to seem condescending, and even more lame because you're wrong in the first place lol.

Lmfao I'm wrong, while Rose's 2011 MVP sits on his trophy case. Lebron dick riders fully in denial that their golden boy wasn't good enough to win.

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