Do you people enjoy psychedelics?

Not me , dude. Look, I have discussed extracting mescaline in detail with some very experienced chemistry guys, and in one thread (another forum) they held my hand and walked me thru all the steps and listened to all of my questions until they were sure I got it and until I was fully confident that I could do it.

The one time I tried pure mescaline it blew all my shroom and acid experiences out of the water. it's just that nothing compared to mescaline and I don't think anything ever will. So it sucks I don't live in a hot enough climate to really grow cacti like a cacti superstar...but I can grow san pedro and graft peyote onto those and give them lots of TLC...move em in when it gets too cold etc... cause I may be in Canada but I am in the hottest zone in BC.

And when the time comes I am going to drop some serious coin and start a big cacti garden again, that's long term, it will be years until I have tons of material for tripping and I find it's so much harder to kill your own cacti, even limbs..... you become attached.

However... in the short term(like a year or so) I plan on ordering a shit ton of cactus chips from a well known supplier and extract pure mescaline. Cool thing is if you don't get the 2 solvent extraction you can just make a basic extraction like a cacti syrup or something...which is a little harder to get down and will contain all sorts of alkaloids besides mescaline but people have claimed it's EVEN SMOOTJER than mescaline alone.

I found mescaline to be very gentle to begin with, it had the sharp geometry or something like acid with the easy on the mind and body feel of a light dose of mushrooms.

And who doesn't want to look down at a pyrex dish filled with crystals , at like an oz of fucking shiny pure mescaline and think I FUCKING MADE THAT SHIT.

You can smoke it, eat it, snort it, rail it, and plug it. Now that I am not needle phobic, I am certainly open to shooting mescaline!!! _^

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