People in Europe are snatching more than their fair share of the world’s resources, a new report says. Europeans 'emit too much carbon, eat too much food, use large amounts of timber and occupy too much built space'

Hmmmm ok. My partner studied international relations and one or her quotes spring to mind:- "There are lies, big lies, and statistics"

Considering this is the BBC, and the guardian also reported this, both big UK media outlets, one must question the integrity and hidden agenda behind this report; given the EU is the intended target of this article, and any comparisons or statistical analysis of other continents are left out.

So one look at (I believe is) the original report, specifically page 17, kind of highlights the bugger picture of global concerns

Yes global warming and emissions are an issue, and yes a push towards a more circular economic model is required. But why the focus on the EU here? Surely, this is a global crisis, and one look at the worldwide consumption would surely make you think about wider focus areas. And then singling out the UK's stance from the EU, even though no matter if we leave the European Union, we are still pretty much a European country sharing the same continent and all.

Sounds like a biased article to me. What's the purpose

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