People had enough of this preacher on the train

It was gross and I lost any respect for her after that. We shared a small one room apartment, I slept on the couch. He would come over early in the morning, I'd wake up but not move when he got there. Then later when I was up he'd always pretend he just got there. Eventually the bff found out about it in the worst possible way. My idiot sister was allergic to latex, so rather than use an alternative type of condom, she would let guys skip the condom. Eventually she caught chlamydia, and had mentioned it to the bff, actually she told everyone which was how I knew. Later, bff's husband caught it and gave it to the wife. The wife knew she didnt have it before, and knew my sister did have it. Then my sister tried blaming the bff for them having an affair.

The absolute kicker was after I moved out and cut contact with her. The husband set her up with his cousin and they got married. Apparently the affair with the dipshit husband continued and destroyed her marriage. Then topping that all off, she's still hyper religious and the last time I talked to her all she could do was lecture me about all the sins I'm guilty of. So, yeah.... I do t talk to her anymore.

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