why do people hate on phish?

There's a lot of phish fans who are complete snobs and act like if you don't think phish is the best band in the world you have no taste. Especially if you mention any other jam band besides grateful dead or Phish. Idk. It's just my opinion but Jam bands are insanely overrated by jam band fans in general. I think it's because most fans use drugs or have a transcendental drug experience at a show. Jam band fans are very insistent this isn't it. But even if you only had a drug experience once at a Phish show, you will be tied to them forever because of that one experience. Also, jam bands have close knit fanbases so a lot of people actually love the community and not the music itself. I really don't get Phish musically at all, and I could go on about why but I'm not anti Phish. People should listen to what they like, but at the same time others are allowed to hate it!

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