Why do people hate picky eaters so much?

Whew, okay. All due respect, it sounds like you’re allowing way too much shittiness in your social circle and in what you take in online. You need to just let it go.

I understand that we all here have a lot of anxiety we can’t have trouble letting go of from childhood, from people giving us the 3rd degree on why are we are the way we are or feeling uncomfortable having us over at their place for meals.

But now that we’re adults, doesn’t that mostly go away? Because now we get to say whether or not we have judgmental people in our lives? Our parents aren’t making us go over to snippy Aunt Cindy’s for dinner anymore. If we don’t want to dine with assholes, we can just not do that now.

Other than the occasional coworker who might be too curiously investigative over our palette, who can usually be brushed off with a firm, “I don’t really discuss my palette very openly, so if you don’t mind let’s change the subject,” we’re in control of whether or not we let judgmental people in our space.

My point being... your post makes it seem like you’re constantly, almost daily, inundated with shitty condescending and judgmental comments from people you surround yourself with or what you read online, which, welcome to online.

So as for the people in your life making these comments... tell them to be nice or fuck off?? You don’t have to let anybody make you this upset.

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