People of the US of A, how would you summarise each state?

Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Alaska - Snow Dogs and The Proposal

Arizona - My personal favorite state. Lots of amazing natural beauty. It's almost all desert.

Arkansas - They get pissed if you pronounce it Are-Kansas

California - It is gigantic

Colorado - Weed, mountains, and the Denver Broncos

Connecticut - Lots of rich, white people, + Bridgeport and New Haven. I hear New London is pretty bad, too.

Delaware - Takes like an hour to drive through, North to South.

Florida - Old people, rednecks, and Latinos

Georgia - Like a nicer version of Alabama

Hawaii - Hawaii 5-0

Idaho - ?

Illinois - Chicago and not a ton much else.

Indiana - Home to Larry Bird and the Pacers, as well as the town/city of Gary, Indiana.

Iowa - Field of Dreams

Kansas - Where Dorothy is from.

Kentucky - Where Louisville Sluggers are made.

Louisiana - Cajuns, Voodoo, and New Orleans

Maine - Lobsters and almost-Canada.

Maryland - Baltimore is pretty cool but a lot of it is poverty stricken, and the rest of it is pretty bland. D.C. is like 40 minutes from Baltimore.

Massachusetts - Massholes. Dropkick Murphys. Red Sox. Irish.

Michigan - White people and Jim Harbaugh.

Minnesota - White people and Joe Mauer.

Mississippi - Brett Favre (pronounced Farve).

Missouri - St. Louis and Kansas City are on opposite sides of the states. Not much in between.

Montana - Big Sky.

Nebraska - ?

Nevada - Las Vegas and legal prostitution, which ironically is not legal in Vegas.

New Hampshire - Wannabe Vermont.

New Jersey - A desolate wasteland. DiPiero's is cool, though.

New York - Ah, my home state. I'm from the Bronx, so I speak from a city perspective, so pretty much anything north of like Pleasantville are the boonies. Long Island has a lot of rich people in Suffolk county. Westchester has its shitholes, but overall, is pretty nice.

North Carolina - Yee haw.

North Dakota - Roger Maris and that's all I know.

Ohio - One of the unluckiest states in the country with regards to sports. Mainly Cleveland.

Oklahoma - Commerce, OK was the hometown of Mickey Mantle. University of Oklahoma had a really racist fraternity.

Oregon - Washington's stoner little brother.

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Amish land.

Rhode Island - I've only driven through it and don't know much about it.

South Carolina - Charleston is awesome.

South Dakota - I think Mount Rushmore is in this state.

Tennessee - Elvis and Steve McNair.

Texas - Dallas is all Urban Cowboy, Fort Worth is Mexican and Cowboy, Austin is like Texas's New York, and San Antonio has a lot of Mexicans.

Utah - Mormons and Julianne Hough. Skiing is big there, too.

Vermont - Burlington is awesome, apparently skiing is fun there but I've never been skiing anywhere so I can't comment.

Virginia - Uppity Redneck in parts.

Washington - Really rainy, Seattle is cool. Ken Griffey, Jr. is the only reason the Mariners are still around. Bring back the Sonics.

West Virginia - Take Me Home, Country Roads. Also, lots of coal and hillbillies.

Wisconsin - Cheeseheads.

Wyoming - Yellowstone and not much else.

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