People of the LGTB+, when and how did you realize your sexual orientation?

I’ve known since I was about 7 years old came out at 13. I remember me and my friend were like 8 “making out” at the sleepovers. I didn’t know what I was doing but it just felt right. Even through out middle and high school, I never once dated a boy. I naturally gravitated towards girls. My first orgasm was with my best friend at 12 and we are still best friends today. I dated guys after high school to give it a go and even tho they didn’t work out I felt myself still sexually attracted to them. Then i dated a mtf she presented female but still had the male parts. That’s how I realized I like all genders. I believe it’s pansexual is what I am. I fall for people’s personalities and their intelligence before what’s between their legs. It’s a beautiful thing to be loved and to love <3

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