People of the “lifestyle” (poly) are annoying. NSFW

Though I am single. This is very much a feeling.

I literally can't help but love people.

So I get confused into situations.

And yeah. This is very much a thing.

I don't mind people being poly, I'm incapable of not loving even the meanest people.

It hurts me to dislike people.

I mourn our inability to understand each other.

I'm unable to be with multiple partners at once because I don't deal with jealousy well.

I get scared of people fighting and stuff.

More power to you, I just can't grasp the concept of multiple partners not being hurt by me loving other people.

I've had adults straight get jealous of my love for my child, so.

I think it's a great idea, and a great concept, but I don't want another person trying to like, tear me down over it or come after the people I love.

I just want everyone to be happy and peaceful....

And I haven't met enough emotionally mature people in this world...

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