Why do people like Doflamingo's quote about "Victors are justice" ? Am I the only one who see it as embodiment of Japan's WW2 denials?

Reading your entire thing properly now, I must add that you're probably in your early teens to have such a simplisitic and romantic world view. Winston churchhill? So what? The world is filled with poetic one liners. And fools like you love taking them as the meaning of life as long as it sounds impressive.

I bet you don't even know of how Japan has a record of denying and downplaying WW2 atrocities. They have very high national pride, history isn't covered in detail in schools like other places. It's something like just one chapter of the entire Japanese history where they put more weight on those samurai shogan tokugawa era and all stuff. It is not even a question, ask any credible person, Japan is not facing the music. How many Japanese friends do you have? You will realize WW2 is not as big of a topic to them because their society has grown to one that avoids admiting their national shame. They're not like Germany who is actively and consciously regretful and repentant. Alot of war criminals are lauded as heroes at their national shrines. They still feel they don't deserve the hate and judgement from the world for their past actions. The most they feel they lost and accept that that's how the losers should behave.

The fact is there plain and simple, Germany and Japan had a conquest, and they did a lot of horrible things. If they had won, it is possible they would wipe records of their wrong doings to glorify themselves. Just like how the US did to be the hero against the evil native Americans, right? Or how the greaty mighty Persia showed those pesky little rebellious spartans who was boss. Fall of Constantinople? How about the Vietnam war? Speaking of Pearl Harbour, the very fact we are able to discern that Pearl Harbour is not a good reason for an atom bomb is direct proof that we've not been propaganda-ed away.

In this information age where the world is connected, it is no longer posssible for true history to be wiped and re-written by the victors. Yet even in the old days, it is already not true. History is written by various sources. The only way history can be written by victors is for the observing people who live in the well that the victors still rule over. Like North Korea.

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