Why do people like Doflamingo's quote about "Victors are justice" ? Am I the only one who see it as embodiment of Japan's WW2 denials?

Spent 1 year studying there? Don't make me laugh. I had no idea your geographical positioning for 1 pathetic year had anything to contribute to any sociological facts. I've been there a few times over the past decade and I can assure you the people I meet and discussions I have is 10x more credible than your 1 year as a high school exchange student.

And whoever said they think they are entirely right? No one is saying they're rising flags and going "JAPAN WAS NOT THE BAD GUYS, THE US IS".

If i killed someone, and then 10 years down the road instead of being "Yeah, I murdered someone, I'm sorry about it, I'm still trying to be a better person.", I'm more like "Yeah, I was a murderer, I try to hide it because I didn't want to be judged as I've changed now. It was a long time ago anyway. And you know, it wasn't entirely my fault. The court made it seem worse than it is. If that guy didn't hit me first I wouldn't be so angry. It was an unfortunate turn of events after that."

Like I said, they're indifferent about it, just as how they would be indifferent about global warming. Most people will know it's an issue but it's not something they feel consciously responsible for. Some people in the population will be serious about it, but that's it.

I grew up loving Japan culture but I know they're still a flawed society like everywhere else. Where it's more lax on sexual and pedophile stuff. Has sexism issues, have big xenophobic issues. You seem to be delusional about the Japanese, you think they're perfect or something.

Going back the the quote. I'm curious how your "1 simple fact" about admiting Iraq proves anything at all. This world is in no way cemented in the notion that US was right about the invasion, infact the popular opinion is that US sucks even after they won. I bet you just threw it in without your brain, just to end your rambling.

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