People need to get that being "cancelled" does not equal being summarily executed. Its being held to account for your wrongdoing, And "redemption" can only begin to be discussed when we have done truly done right by the victims

The thing about "cancel culture" is people rushing to allege someone of a behavior, not letting the cops handle it, and instead, mob justice. So allegations come out about someone, they're automatically taken as fact, and no one's happy until that person's fired. Then, after everything is settled, if the person actually didn't do the thing they were accused of, they can't get their high profile job back because the allegations are forever out there. The story where the allegations were found to be baseless is lost in the void. So they have to toil away in lesser companies, for lesser pay, to try to redeem themselves for something they never did. It's fucking ridiculous that this is the process that happens for this sort of thing now.

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